10 Incredible Health Benefits of Shilajit

25th Jan 2017

Shilajit is a nutrient-rich mineral resin and one of the most nourishing and rejuvenating substances in the world. A substance like no other, shilajit is formed from plant and mineral matter that has been compressed over thousands of years in the earth’s rhizosphere. The matter slowly breaks down to form a sticky substance that seeps out of rock crevices, particularly in parts of the Himalayas.

Shilajit’s powerful properties have long been harnessed in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and now, partly thanks to several high-profile studies, shilajit It is a sought after superfood in the West. From balancing emotions to lengthening lifespans, we reveal 10 of shilajit’s most amazing health benefits.

Stress Reducer

Shilajit is classed as an adaptogenic substance, which means that it is able to work with the body’s current state of health in order to restore balance and reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a ‘smart’ substance that is able to limit the effect of physical, mental and environmental stress factors. After taking a daily dose of shilajit for several weeks, you may notice that you feel more calm, balanced and emotionally stable.

Energy Increaser

Fulvic and amino acids help to provide the body’s cells with more energy, while compounds such as manganese, iron, zinc and Vitamin C also have energizing qualities. Shilajit’s many health benefits attracted the attention of the USSR National Sports Committee who hired top scientists to study the substance over a ten-year period. They concluded that shilajit was a highly beneficial supplement that was able to provide a natural boost of energy and help to increase athletic ability.

Performance Enhancer

This resin is literally fit for emperors, as even the world-famous leader, Alexander the Great, regularly used shilajit to increase his endurance, strength and concentration. Ever since Russian scientists validated shilajit’s performance enhancing capabilities, it has been frequently used by members of the Russian military and even by the Russian Olympic Team.

Brain Booster

Due to the unusual way that it is formed, high-quality shilajit contains over 85 trace vitamins, and a rare mix of alkaloids, chlorophyll, saponins, and natural plants oils. These health compounds help to make it a ‘live’ resin which is capable of delivering nutrients to the brain, while bioactive molecules called dibenzo-alpha-pyrones help to prevent brain cell degeneration. Many users report a positive change in their cognitive functions, including increased focus, mental clarity, concentration, and memory.

Emotional Balancer

People with a healthy endocrine system are more likely to enjoy balanced moods. Shilajit’s myriad of replenishing health compounds (particularly amino acids and minerals) help to support and strengthen the endocrine system.


Shilajit is extremely rich in antioxidants, in fact, gram for gram it contains more antioxidants than blueberries and noni fruit. The selenium, phospholipids, and triterpenes fight free radical damage and help to prevent oxidation. Oxidative damage is one of the main reasons why we appear to age, so a dose of shilajit will help to slow down the aging process and promote longevity.

Nutrient Maximiser

Not only is this miracle superfood packed full of the good stuff, it also helps to increase the body's ability to absorb nutrients from other herbs and foods too. It’s one of the few natural substances that is classified as a Yogavahini or Yogi Wohi, thanks to the high levels of fulvic acid that it contains. A study revealed that a dose shilajit enabled the body to absorb 29% more nutrients from CoQ10.

Just think what it can do when you take it in combination with your smoothies or other health food supplements such as spirulina, maca, and medicinal mushrooms. Because of these nutrient maximizing abilities, shilajit is particularly beneficial supplement for anyone with malabsorption issues, Crohn’s Disease or Celiacs disease.

Hangover Buster

You can say adios to those head-pounding hangovers when you have shilajit as your secret weapon. Shilajit encourages the body to quickly eliminate toxic substances. Prevention is better than cure, so take your daily dose of shilajit before you head out, and have another dose ready in the morning to drink when you wake up. It’s not a complete miracle cure, so be sure to take it easy and stay hydrated throughout the night.

Longevity Promoter

Nicknamed the fountain of youth, shilajit is the holy grail of longevity substances. In Ayurveda, shilajit is called a rasayana, which is a substance that is believed to promote vitality and help to lengthen the lifespan. A group of locals in Tajikistan, Russia, had much longer lifespans compared to neighboring regions, which they put down to the fact that they ingested shilajit daily.

Speeds up Recovery

Shilajit provides the body with a blast of nutrients where it needs it most. The fulvic acid promotes cellular regeneration and therefore helps to speed up recovery times for everything from broken bones to bruises. It’s frequently used by athletes, bodybuilders and yogis, and even the National Bureau of Cosmonauts recommend that astronauts should take shilajit to help them to recuperate after long space journeys.

Bonus Benefits

Shilajit’s health benefits go way beyond the ten that are listed above, it also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Some 2,500 years ago the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, prescribed a mix of shilajit (called moomiyo in those days) with honey, milk and grape juice for patients with stomach and inflammation issues.

Much of shilajit’s nutritional make-up depends on how and where it was sourced as well as the purification process. Always purchase purified high-quality shilajit that has a dark, shiny appearance, along with a distinctive deep and smoky flavor.

The Chakara Samhita says that, ‘he who takes shilajit regularly will witness a hundred summers on earth, free from disease and decay’. While that's a tall claim yet to be proven by science, what we do know is that shilajit’s potent rejuvenating and longevity-promoting qualities make it an excellent addition to any diet. 

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