Ombre chia pudding lollies recipe

Ombre chia pudding lollies recipe

10th Jul 2017

How to make a delicious chia pudding lollies recipe -  for 8 people

For the chia base mix –

  1. 1 3/4 cups plant milk of choice (I like coconut milk)
  2. ½ cup chia seeds
  3. 1 tsp vanilla paste
  4. ¼ cup cashews, soaked 4-6 hours
  5. 1 tbsp maple syrup (or more, to taste)
  6. 1 tsp agar agar flakes
  7. Hybrid Herbs pink pitaya powder, to color
  8. ¼ cup granola


Start by making your vanilla chia pudding. Place the ingredients into a blender and blitz to combine. Pour into a bowl and leave for 15 minutes, then stir once more. Divide the mixture evenly between four separate bowls.

Leaving your first bowl white and vanilla flavour, colour the remaining three bowls using your pitaya powder. Add around ¼ tsp to the first pink bowl, increasing the amount you use for each remaining bowl.

Get some lolly moulds and spoon a bit of each chia pudding into each mould (start with the palest mixture and work your way up to the darkest, creating an ombre effect. Sprinkle some granola over each, then slide in your lolly sticks and place in the freezer to set.

Allow to sit at room temperature for around 10-15 minutes before sliding from the moulds and eating immediately, or placing back in the freezer to enjoy later.