The number one way to improve your digestion naturally

19th Feb 2016

With poor eating habits, lack of exercise and high stress levels, our digestive system can take a bit of a battering. But what is one of the best ways to naturally improve it and put it back in gear?

We have been using a number of tonics, foods and recipes to help our digestion over the years but one surpasses all and we could not go a day without it.

The tonic we believe is the best is Swedish Bitters, a fairly inexpensive remedy used for thousands of years in parts of Europe to help with various ailments, naturally.  Many believe poor health starts in the digestive system, so this is one tonic you should not be without. 

What Are Swedish Bitters?

Swedish Bitters is a blend of 14 extracted bitter herbs (including Ginger, Cinnamon and Aloe) made into a healing elixir. 

It is believed the synergy of these herbs helps to create a tonic unlike any other. It has been used to remove sluggishness in the digestive system by gently bringing it back into a  state of balance.

How Do I Use It?

One normally uses about 1 teaspoon of the liquid in a glass of water (or juice), which is then mixed and consumed immediately.

Another way is to add about a teaspoon to some warm water to make a a herbal tea (we love to add some lemon juice-see below) to really get things going. It's absolutely delicious, and something we use at the first sign of any digestive problems.

Where Can I Get It?

Swedish Bitters are available in most natural health stores, some which have been extracted with alcohol and some which have not (depending on your preference)

Some of our favourite brands include Dr Theiss and Natureworks.

Do let us know how you get on with it. We're sure you will soon love it as much as we do.