What Is The Best Medicinal Mushroom To Start With?

19th Feb 2016

Medicinal Mushrooms have a whole spectrum of health benefits, including helping the immune system, increasing energy and reducing stress.

Whilst the majority of the mushrooms have been shown to promote the healthy functioning of the immune system, each mushroom has its own unique health benefits which really sets itself apart from the next.

Some of the most famous Medicinal Mushrooms include Reishi Mushroom, Cordyceps Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom & Shiitake. 

But if we could only choose one to start with, what would we go for?

The Mighty Cordyceps Mushroom

Whilst we normally would recommend a mushroom complex to reach all of the Medicinal Mushrooms in a single serving, Cordyceps Mushroom may well be the greatest individual Medicinal Mushroom to start with. Why?

  • It's both a Yin and Yang Tonic - meaning you can take it any time of the day over a long period of time.
  • Has been used to promote the healthy functioning of the lungs and kidneys (both seen as indicators of good health in Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Is a great tonic for any exercise (both pre and post), as it has been shown to naturally increase lung capacity and endurance levels. In fact, Cordyceps Mushroom was a key ingredient in the elixir of the Chinese Athletic team in the early 1990's 

Overall, Cordyceps is an extremely versatile Mushroom which can be safely used and enjoyed by all age groups, and it is for this reason that it goes in at number one. 

If you were recommending a Medicinal Mushroom to a friend to start with, what would you choose?