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Medicinal Mushrooms, Tonic Herbs And Superfoods

When Hybrid Herbs opened, it was our dream to offer Medicinal Mushrooms & Tonic Herbs which were easy to incorporate into the modern diet. They offer so many health benefits, but to really reap their benefits, one needs to take a lot of time out of their day to properly prepare them. We decided to create Medicinal Mushroom and Tonic Extract Powders which could be added instantly to teas, smoothies and foods without any further preparation needed. Created just as nature intended.


Tonic Herbs

Take you culinary creations to the next level by mixing in a spoonful of our tonic herbs. From rejuvenating shilajit to energy-enhancing pine pollen, these superfoods provide natural nourishment for radiant health and wellbeing.
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Medicinal Mushroom Extract Powders

Harness the incredible immune and antioxidant-rich goodness of medicinal mushrooms. We offer a large range of pure, Medicinal Mushroom concentrated extract powders which are ready to add to smoothies, juices and foods.
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Leven Brown

British Ocean Rower (Holder of 5 Guiness World Records)

I first came across Hybrid Herbs through a project I was helping with. I had never heard of Medicinal mushrooms before but have an open mind and thought I’d give them a try. Within two days I was feeling much more energetic and alert - rejuvenated!

Our expeditions take alot out of a person and this is the most phenomenal way to recover and to stay on top of your game. I wish I had discovered these years ago .. we could have broken more records!


Flo Morrissey


"Such a joy to find a company with products and a team that are truly authentic. Reishi is my heaven-sent fixer of everything herb - I drink it if I feel nervous before I go on stage or after if my immunity needs a little boost. Thank you Hybrid Herbs flo x"


Sean Long

Guitarist - While She Sleeps

Hybrid Herbs is probably unaware of how much they have helped me on such a deep & fundamental level. Through my own struggles such as anxiety & depression, that of which these two thin words will never describe the different levels of suffering that I and other people experience, but it's these two words that are universally understood. Some of these precious, rare and treasured herbs and mushroom are so hard to acquire and to acquire good quality at that.

Hybrid Herbs has been the perfect bridge from the sacred herbs you read about, connect with and that are magnetically drawn to you, to actually including them into your diet and experiencing the magic they have to offer for you self.