​Shilajit Resin Recipe - Superfood Bars

10th Sep 2017

Shilajit Resin Recipe - Superfood BarsMakes 8 barsFor the base - 1 cup macadamia nuts1/2 cup coconut flour3 tbsp cashew butter2 tbsp coconut oil2 tbsp brown rice syrup1 tsp vanilla pastePinch saltFo … read more

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Shilajit

25th Jan 2017

Shilajit is a nutrient-rich mineral resin and one of the most nourishing and rejuvenating substances in the world. A substance like no other, shilajit is formed from plant and mineral matter that has … read more

Lion's Mane Mushroom Brain Boosting Tea Recipe

20th Feb 2016

Lion's Mane Mushrooms have been studied on their unique compounds which help to promote learning and concentration levels. It is often heralded as the brain-boosting mushroom.This delicious super tea … read more

The Benefits And Side Effects Of Shilajit

27th Jan 2016

Shilajit is believed to be one of the most complete sources of minerals found in nature, and has been revered in Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years. The resin is slowly becoming more talked abo … read more