Tremella Mushroom 10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder

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Tremella Mushroom

10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder - 2oz - Organic


What is Tremella?

Tremella, also known as the snow mushroom, is a delicate white nutrient-rich mushroom. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tremella is believed to help strengthen the immune system, nourish the lungs, and beautify the skin. We take sustainably sourced tremella mushrooms and carefully transform them into a pure and smooth concentrated extract powder which ten times more potent than the raw mushroom.

Tremella is approximately 70% dietary fiber, and it contains protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, plant sterols, and 18 different amino acids. It also rich Vitamin D - a vitamin that is hard to get from plant foods, which makes it a particularly beneficial natural supplement for vegans.

 Legend has it that one of the most beautiful women in China, Yang Guifei, used tremella as part of her beauty regime to make her skin more soft, plump and radiant.

Tremella’s beauty benefits have been picked up by numerous big beauty brands, and it is often included in high-end anti-aging moisturizers, serums and face masks to improve skin health and appearance.


What Makes Our Tremella So Special?

Pure: Nothing added or taken away

Ready to Use: Just add to smoothies, juices, and teas

Potent: A 10:1 concentrated extract powder

Organic: For you and the environment.

Packaging: Comes in a travel and eco-friendly resealable pouch

Economical: Up to 56 servings per pack


How Do I Use Tremella?

We transform the highest quality raw tremella into a fine powder which is all ready to be used. During the extraction process, we carefully concentrate the raw tremella mushroom so that you are left with a pure extract powder that is ten times as potent. This means that you will receive ten times the nutrients and health benefits in each and every serving of our powder.

Because of its light and delicate flavor, tremella is very versatile and it can be easily incorporated into a range of sweet and savory dishes. You can add it to dips, sauces, cakes, energy bars and even sprinkle it over your foods for a nutritional kick.

When it comes to adding to drink, you’re only limited by your imagination and culinary creativity! It makes an excellent addition to beauty tonics, and it can be combined with other medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs, and superfoods to create a powerful elixir. Many people choose to blend it into smoothies and juices, or you can simply add it to warm water and stir to create a tasty warming tea.

Tremella can also be applied topically. You can mix it in with your moisturizer, or mix it with a small amount of water to create a paste which can be applied to the face like a face mask.

Tremella Mushroom - Did You Know?

Tremella mushroom is considered to be a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. It is commonly sauteed in garlic or added to soups. When cooked, tremella has a ‘chewy’ texture, and it’s often used as a meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans.

Beauty Blend: A Tremella Recipe for Radiant Skin

Treat your complexion with this beauty juice which contains a nourishing blend of fruits and vegetables. Radishes are particularly beneficial when it comes to skin health, as they contain high amounts of Vitamin C, zinc and phosphorus. Watercress is rich in silica which nourishes the skin (and good for the hair and nails too), while the apples and lemon have their own nutritional goodness plus they help to add a sweet and tangy taste to the juice.

Add in a teaspoon of our concentrated tremella powder and you have a supercharged beauty juice which will nourish the skin and fuel the body with vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive compounds. For maximum benefits, try to source organic produce wherever possible.

You Will Need

A handful of Spinach

A handful of watercress

6 apples

1/2 a lemon

1 tsp of our tremella mushroom powder


Put the apples, watercress, and spinach through the juicer. Cut half a lemon, and then squeeze some of the juice into your drink (watch out for pips). Transfer the juice to your blender, and then add in the tremella concentrated extract powder. Blend for around 10 seconds until fully dissolved. Enjoy immediately.

You can also make this whole recipe in the blender if you want to get more fiber in your drink. Simply replace the apples with fresh apple juice, add the other ingredients and blend until smooth.

Supplement Facts

Ready to Use: Just add 1/2 - 1 tsp to smoothies, teas, and foods

Ingredients: Tremella 10:1 concentrated extract powder, silver ear mushroom

Also Known As: Jelly fungus, snow fungus, tremella fuciformis

Servings Per Pack: Around 56

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

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    Outstanding customer service and a clean, wonderful product. I look forward to seeing how this mushroom helps to empower my well-being.