Schizandra Berry Extract Powder

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 Schizandra Berry 10:1 Concentrated Extract 

2oz - 56grams


What is Schizandra Berry?

Schizandra berry is a woody climbing vine which is native to parts of China and Russia. Our schizandra berry is sourced from a pristine region in Northern  China, where some the most powerful and nutrient-dense species are known to grow. The flowering vine is famous for its small red berries which are harvested and used for their healing properties. Nicknamed the five flavor berry because of its sour, sweet, salty, spicy and bitter elements, schizandra berry is a powerful superfood used to promote radiant health and well-being.


What Makes Our Schizandra Berry Powder Different?

  • 10:1 Concentrated Extract: Contains ten times more nutrients in each serving 

  • 100% Natural: Pure powder with no additives

  • Packaging: Packed in a eco-friendly pouch

  • Ready-to-Use: Simply add to your favorite food and drinks

  • Delicious: Can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes

  • Direct From The Source: Our schizandra is grown in the high altitude mountains of Northern China
  • A Little Goes A Long Way: Around 57 servings per pouch

What is a Concentrated Extract Powder?

We carefully concentrate 10 whole pounds of the highest quality schizandra berry into one pound of pure extract powder, which means that you’ll receive a more potent product in every spoonful. This highly concentrated powder is pure, and has nothing added or taken away. 

How Do I Use Schizandra Berry?

Our schizandra berry is ready to use, just add your desired dose to warm water to create a tea, blend it in smoothies, stir it into juices, or mix it into foods. Some people even like to sprinkle it over their favourite dishes for an added dose of nutrients and flavor. For a powerful drink, try blending it with other herbs, spices, and superfoods to create a rejuvenating elixir which your body will thank you for. Schizandra berry pairs particularly well with goji berry, reishi, and ginseng.


Supplement Facts

Also Known As: Gomishi, Wu Wei Zi, Omija, Schisandra Chinensis, Matsbouza

Ready to Use: Simply add 1/2 teaspoon to smoothies, teas and foods

Ingredients: schizandra berry 10:1 concentrated extract powder

Servings Per Pack: Around 56

Store in a cool, dry place - for long term store in glass

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    Great for the liver

    Posted by Brian W on 28th Jul 2019

    This schizandra is the best I've found on the market. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Has made a big difference to the health of my liver.